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The heart of the roastery

We would be happy to advise you on all aspects of coffee, because our passion should - in the best sense of the word - also transfer to you!


The manager and "master of the house" is a real north German youngster. Tom, as everyone calls him, was "your friend and helper" for almost 30 years before he started working as a coffee roaster.
Bad coffee and unsuccessful ticket sales inspired him to find his dream job.
In his roastery he can be what he is, a real "original".
He prefers chatting and chatting with an espresso or a latte macchiato, so don't be shy, Tom is open to any kind of chatter.


DSCF2824 (1).JPG

Our barista master

After a long journey from Syria through Anatolia and the Balkans, he ended up stranded in Zehlendorf in 2016 and arrived and took off in record time. 

Our barista master conjures up a sublime crown of milk froth on the head of every cappuccino... because latte art is his passionate specialty! But his opinion is also asked for in sales, in strategic planning and when roasting coffee, and his actions are valued.

A real gift of fate!

DSCF3168 (1).JPG

Maestro Siciliano

A Sicilian "Made in Germany". Working as a barista for over 7 years and working for us for a wide range of activities. A real all-round talent in our roastery!


His specialties since he joined us in May 2017: preparing (and drinking himself) espresso and staying calm while advising our customers! And if the technology doesn't work as it should, Davide, as a trained mechatronics technician, usually has the saving idea to solve a problem.

La bella vita in Zehlendorf!

DSCF3098 (1).JPG

Novelty and very talented - our precious temp and our hopeful "future champion"

After a school internship, she conquered our hearts and those of our customers - in record time. How did she do it? Passion, interest and a natural talent for all things coffee and people.

At the end of 2018, she became an integral part of our team as the youngest employee of all time and of course: named "Rookie of the Year"!!! 


The master roasting machine

The green coffee has been roasted with me, a Giesen W15A coffee roaster, since June 2018 and I am responsible for ensuring that the roasted coffee from Tom's coffee roastery is a particularly good looking and tasting experience for you!

And if you want to see me in action, you should follow your nose when it smells like freshly roasted coffee in the shopping street and just drop by the roastery... because nobody can get me away from there anytime soon!



Abdi is originally from Somalia. He left his homeland at the age of 16 and experienced incredible things on his journey through the desert and across the Mediterranean. The roastery is now his safe haven. He also specializes in Ethiopian forest coffee.



Farid is busy as a bee. He's only been with us for a few months but he's already conjuring up artistic figures on our cappuccino, a real natural talent with pleasant manners.

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